Worship Music and Arts

Psalm 100:2 Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

The Worship Music and Arts Ministry is a vibrant and fun community of individuals who love to use their passion for music and the arts to bless those in and outside of the church. There are many opportunities to utilize your creativity and gifts here at the Body of Christ Church. In addition to our choir we also have: The Messengers (male quartet), praise teams, a praise band, and various skit ensembles.

Through this area of ministry we seek:

TO WORSHIP GOD - this ministry is filled with worshippers not performers.

TO EDIFY BELIEVERS by utilizing the arts to speak to the intellect and to the soul.

TO EVANGELIZE THE WORLD by creatively declaring God’s Word outside the church at every opportunity, and by producing artistic events to reach out to the unchurched.

We also have special Nights of Praise hosted by the musicians and vocalist of this Church.

We invite everyone to join us in this uplifting time of worship. The vision for this event is to provide a time of collective praise where people who love music can come and meet with God. Let’s experience God’s power together as we humble ourselves and offer up a sacrifice of joyous praise!

Please note that our children are an integral part of the Music and Art ministry.