According to Jesus, love is the core of the greatest commandment. To love is what we are all learning to do at Body of Christ Church. Our focus is on loving the Lord then genuinely, sincerely loving our neighbors and ourselves.

Some churches have defined the term neighbor as the person who most resemble themselves, a focus that has made some feel excluded from God's Love. While some busy themselves defining who is acceptable; God is busy working through Jesus to show that righteousness comes by faith in Christ alone.

At Body of Christ our goal is simple, our goal is to love. Barriers dividing people such as race, sexual orientation, class and denominational labels do not exist here. If you are single, part of a couple, a family headed by a mom and dad, two dads or two moms you are welcome here. In this nondenominational Christian Church we focus on faith expressing itself through Love.

Members of Body of Christ Church are a family. It is our responsibility to build each other up and encourage one another. We seek the truth we know comes from the Holy Spirit and not from judgment placed on us by others. Our commitment is to pray for one another, encourage one another, hope for one another, help one another and strive to do good as we journey through this life to life eternal with Christ.

Ultimately, we seek to send believers back into the world empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit to do the work God has prepared for each of us. Christ has turned a light on in each of our hearts. We cannot hide it, we must let it shine out to every corner of the earth with assurance that others will see and be drawn to that Light.